Clean Swimming Pool without the chlorine! - 1/7/2010



Free yourselves from tablets, red eyes, and everything

that has to do with chlorine disinfection in your pool.

It is time to clean it with SALT!



Pool water sterilisation

Removal of sun lotions and cremes

No smell of chlorine

Constant and uniform protection

Crystal clear water

Wonderfull feeling of wellness

No eye inflammation symptoms

Protection against drowning


You can achieve all these great benefits in your pool, simply by upgrading from chlorine disinfection to electrolytic sterilisation. By installing the electrolytic Swimming Pool Treatment you and your guests can enjoy the benefits of a truly clean swimming pool. The e-SPT system is very easy to install, and does not require any change to the pump and filter installation. All you will have to do is add some salt*.


The e-SPT has 2 parts which are installed by-passing the chlorination unit of your swimming pool. The first part is the electrolytic cell, and the second part is the Ph regulator. As the salted swimming pool water is recycled, the electrolytic cell uses the salt of the water to produce natural substances that will disinfect the water. The natural substances that are created within the electrolytic cell (Hydrogen peroxide, ozon, oxygen etc)are enter in an immediate reaction with all the pollutants of the water and kills them, leaving the water sterilized. Before the water enters in the pool, it is checked for its Ph levels, and the level of remaining substances. Should the readings show any abnormality, the automated systems restores the Ph and neutralises any excess substances. As a result, the swimmer enjoys a crystal clear pool, free of chlorine smell, in a sterilised environment with mild salinity (0,9%), which promotes health and wellness.


In detail, the great benefits of using e-SPT are:


*       Water Sterilisation Using chlorine we can only achieve disinfection (level of cleaness of our bathroom). However, with e-SPT we achieve sterilisation (level of cleaness of a hospital operation room). The innovative electrolytic cells of WATERSAFE SA have the unique ability of producing highly active oxidant substances that have sterilising effect. These natural oxidants are: Ozone, Hydrogen peroxide, chlorine at birth, atomic Oxygen, Hydroxylic radical and others).

*       Removal of sun lotions The use of the pool is most frequently paired with sunbathing and the use of sunprotection products. These products are diluted in the water when the swimmer enters the pool, and chlorination is unable to remove them from the water. The power of e-SPT disbands the residues of sun lotions leaving the water sterilised and free of smells and oily substances.

*       Eye Inflammation Chlorination has been directly linked with eye inflammation symptoms throughout the world. Using e-SPT to clean the water of your pool ensures that no eye inflammation, or skin rashes will develop. Sterilised water with mild salinity of 0,9% is the most friendly solution for the human body. The salinity of the bodily fluids is 0,9% itself. The quality of the water with e-SPT system is like sterile saline, which we use for contact lenses cleaning, injury washing and many other medical reasons.

*       No chlorine smell e-SPT has no chlorine smell, simply because it doesnt use chlorine to clean the water, leaving the pool area smell-free for you to enjoy sunbathing, cocktails, or any other function.


*       Crystal clear water Water that is cleaned using e-SPT gets a crystal clear image that promotes the beauty of your swimming pool, making it very inviting for the swimmers.

*       Feeling of Wellness The presence of diluted atomic Oxygen in the pool, together with the mild salinity of the water, gives a feeling of restoration, wellness and psychological lift to the swimmer. This is the reason why worldwide famous spas are trusting e-SPT to keep their pools sterilised.

*       Constant and uniform protection The cleaning systems that use chlorine (liquid or solid) introduce chlorine to the pool , when the chlorine level has fallen below the given limit. In fact they create a peak of chlorine concentration in the pool at the moment it is introduced. That peak can prove potentially harmful to the swimmer, and is directly linked to skin rashes, eye inflammation etc according to international studies. The marvel of e-SPT is that the level of hygiene and cleanness is constant throughout the use of the pool and protects the entire mass of the water uniformly.

*       Protection against Drowning The salinity of the pool water when using e-SPT is equal to that of the human body, and the sterile saline. Drowning occurs when the bronchi get closed. The time for bronchi to close with water of 0,9% salinity is twice as long than with fresh water. Hence, using e-SPT doubles the reaction time for life-guarding action, minimising significantly the risk of drowning.

*       Hydrogen Peroxide During e-SPT operation Hydrogen Peroxide is produced and remains diluted in small concentrations. The presence of Hydrogen Peroxide provides an antiseptic and antibacterial environment in the pool, which does not allow the migration of infections from one swimmer to another. For example, if one swimmer has an infected wound, another swimmer will be protected, and he will not get infected as well.

*       No Harmfull chlorine compounds Due to the diluted atomic oxygen produced by the e-STP, system, compounds such as THMs are not able to form in the swimming pool. In chlorinating systems such harmful compounds are created and put the wellness of the swimmers at risk.


The innovative electrolytic cells are unique in the world (WIPO patents), and they are the only electrolytic cells that are able to produce the necessary oxidants to sterilise the water. The installation of the system is very simple and does not require any changes to your pumps or sandfilters. The e-SPT is installed with a by-pass to the chlorination device of your pool and is fully automated. All you will have to do is to add salt and enjoy the great benefits of sterilised, crystal clear, smell free swimming pool!


e-SPT has been successfully installed in Luxury Hotels, Spas, Public and Private swimming pools with great success. Some pools that use e-SPT are given below:


*       Grand Bretagne Hotel Athens

*       Minoan Palace Heraklion, Crete

*       Corina Mare Chania, Crete

*       Porto Bello Royal - Kos

*       Grand Resort Lagonisi

*       Municipal Swimming pool of Herakleion - Attiki


*In case of sea water swimming pools, no extra salt is required.


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